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At 24/7 Massachusetts Contractors Academy our mission is to provide hassle free, cost-effective continuing education for Massachusetts Construction Supervisors.

Our courses are fully approved by the Board of Building Regulations and Standards. Our Massachusetts CSL Continuing Education Coordinator ID number is CD-000102. Click here to view our approval letter.

To begin taking one of our courses just click the “Start the Course” button below and you can complete the entire course without entering your payment information. If you complete the course and decide you want to pay for it and get credit for your hours, you can come back to this page and click on the “Purchase Course” button below. After you purchase the course, we will email you a Certificate of Completion, which you will need to mail in with your state renewal.

Important Notice: We are in the process of updating all of our CSL courses. All current students must complete their courses prior to midnight on September 30th. Current students who do not complete their course prior to that time will not receive credit for the course. If you have already completed the course, you can still pay for it and will receive your certificate via email. No registrations will be accepted after September 30, until our new courses are posted.

Take the entire course before you buy!

Click on the Purchase Course button to buy the course.
Unrestricted License (Approval #: CS-10200) – 12 hours
Purchase Course $99
View Course Syllabus
Course Evaluation
Restricted License (Approval #: CS-10202) – 10 hours
Purchase Course $79
View Course Syllabus
Course Evaluation
Specialty License (Approval #: CS-10201) – 6 hours
Purchase Course $69
View Course Syllabus
Course Evaluation